different. point


Catergory: Digital Closet
Project Scale: Cooperate with Saun Park
Project Year: 2022

Coordinator is Digital Closet that helps people manage clothes easily by managing digitally. Research show that people spend a long time in front of the closet for a choosing their outfit everyday and that they have difficulty managing their clothes over time because they have a lot of clothes. Coordinator is the solution to this. You can easily see and manage your own clothes with the app by linking smart mirrors, closets, and apps and you can quickly and conveniently check your outfit without wearing clothes on through the smart mirror to save time choosing clothes. Rotating hanger helps people take out by moving selected clothes to an easy position through image sensor of camera in coordinator. In result the horizontal hanger and closet for keeping clothes in no longer necessary. Coordinator makes people to manage their clothes easily, and they no longer have to spend much time thinking about what to wear anymore.
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