different. point

Icicle Tumbler is a tumbler that you can feel the original taste of the drink without changing while maintaining the coldness for those who enjoy cold drinks.
Beverage, Living

Magnetic Umbrella sticks to a steel door. is the solution to all umbrella related issues.
The Magnetic Umbrella has a magnetic handle that can be attached together to the magnetic front door of any home that has a metal or metallic door.
Umbrella, Living

'What is on your desk?'. Many people don't think of pen. Not only that, most of pens on the desk are randomly placed or scattered where we don't know exactly they are located in. So I gave a space for pen and designed a pen that is fascinating by designing a pen that is a sky-scraper, and not be forgotten.
Stationery, Living

I designed a trash bin that does not throw wastes, but objects. It can be a collage and a piece of artwork.
Trash Can, Living

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