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Magnetic Umbrella sticks to a steel door.

Catergory: Umbrella
Project Scale: Cooperate with Yeri Jung, Hyogyeong Kang
Project Year : 2019

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Most people who use an umbrella often store it indoors in a bin, or just let it lean against the wall. If there is no the umbrella bin, people are required buying an additional umbrella bin. Also, when the umbrella is left against the wall, the umbrella often falls over, and gets kicked around. In some situations the umbrella gets forgotten, lost, and damaged.

Magnetic Umbrella sticks to a steel door. is the solution to all umbrella related issues. The Magnetic Umbrella has a magnetic handle that can be attached together to the magnetic front door of any home that has a metal or metallic door. So, A person can simply attach the umbrella to the door when they arrive home, then detach the umbrella when leaving their home.

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