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Vi-Con is a controller that allows users to easily enjoy the emotions of console games without having to go through many equipment and steps necessary to enjoy existing console games accompanied by game controllers.
Game Controller, Electronic

Brick Series is a set of laptop accessories that can be modularized and easily carried using shapes and magnets. Regardless of the job, it consists of a family of essential products for anyone who uses laptops, helping to increase work efficiency and productivity by easily creating a working environment in a changing working environment.
Laptop Accesories, Electronic

noa is a wireless charger with a speaker for
FOMO(Fear Of Missing Out) solution. noa is inspired by an old turntable and reinterpreted for modern usability. noa helps people while having their time to drink coffee, read a book and take a break.
Mobile Accesory, Electronic

Wonder is a Mixed Reality smart glasses for dog and an owner. It is a new way of entertainining. Wonder turns your household to Wonderland and gives limitless playround for both human and dogs.
Mixed Reality, Electronic

WEARMARK is a smart hanger that provides convenience in the process of organizing various clothes through weight sensors, LED, and applications, and helps you manage your clothes overall.
Hanger, Electronic

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