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Catergory: Smart Hanger
Project Scale: Cooperate with Saun Park
Project Year: 2022

WEARMARK is a product that we support to make it easier to store various kinds of clothes. you can automatically recognize clothes on hangers and pants hanger-type products through weight sensors and check where the clothes you want to wear are stored.

A weight sensor is mounted to automatically categorize and recognize various clothes, and the weight of the clothes is recorded by measuring the weight while the clothes are on. Each hanger is Internet-connected on an IoT basis to receive, process, collect and provide users with weight information about clothing stored in the application. To check the clothes, the hanger was equipped with four LED modules so that users could find the clothes they wanted. Each hanger is powered by a rechargeable battery, which minimizes manufacturing costs by separating the core module part from the part where the clothes are applied, and prepares for charging and damage. In addition, the hooks are separated separately to minimize unnecessary resource consumption so that they can be attached to existing hangers. As a result, applications, weight sensors, and LED can help you manage your clothes efficiently.
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