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Catergory: Mixed Reality Devices
Project Scale: Cooperate with Geonwoo Kim, Hyewon Kim
Project Year: 2022

Wonder is a Mixed Reality smart glasses for dog and an owner. It is a new way of entertainining. As single-person households increase, problem of taking care of pets have increased too. Separation Anxiety leads to the problem that dogs become anxious, aggressive, and destructive. It can also lead to a physical problem. Research shows that
owners must focus on training their dogs to play independently in order to solve separation anxiety. Another research mentions that animals are aware of virtural, and augmented reality. In result, this project’s goal is to solve separation 
anxiety by using Mixed Rerality technology. Wonder Lens maps the household, and with the help of ‘Scent Cartrige’, Wonder is able to create ‘Wonderland’. Wonderland has Ball games, Forest that trains nose working, and various activities. Wonder turns your household to Wonderland and gives limitless playround for both human and dogs.
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