different. point


Catergory: Mobile Accesory
Project Scale: Cooperate with Jinyoung Noh, Yeri Jung
Project Year: 2021

noa -which means “put something down” in Korean- is a wireless charger with a speaker for FOMO(Fear Of Missing Out) solution. The Design goal of ‘noa’ is to provide entertainment to FOMOs who use smartphones habitually and are overly immersed in social network services, while letting them put down their smartphones. ‘noa’ is inspired
by an old turntable and reinterpreted for modern usability. A record player that is one of music players in the past gives us pleasure through auditory, visual, and tactile distinct from contemporary music players. ‘noa’ embodies these advantages of a record player. Then ‘noa’ helps people while having their time to drink coffee, read a book and take a break.
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